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Robert de Haan is a professional photographer with a passion for portraits that are up-close and personal. In the series titled Survivors (2015-ongoing) this results in intriguing images of adolescent boys and men in their twenties in which the camera not only captures their strength to survive but also their vulnerability. The photographs are void of any technical or stylistic adornment thereby creating space for questions regarding the identity of the boys and men, their background or their personal stories, without enforcing any interpretations onto its viewer.


In addition to his pure and sober style of photography – with a minimal use of  photoshop. De Haan’s photographs distinguish themselves by their classical compositions and lightning, which are reminiscent of the mood and scenery in Hollywood films and Voque fashion shoots from the 1950s. 

The photographs in the series Survivors are the result of an intensive and extensive contact between the photographer and his model. During this process both model and photographer are challenged to engage and show their true selves. This open, direct and no-nonsense approach not only characterizes De Haan’s portrait photography, but also his body of commissioned work. 


De Haan graduated with honours from the University of Applied Photography in Amsterdam. Since his graduation he has advanced his career as an all-round and technically skilled photographer. Next to his autonomous work, De Haan works for commissioners such as Land Life Company, Sensoterra and Nike. He is well regarded for his creative and swift way of working as well as for his ability to translate marketing concepts effectively into communicative and visually appealing images.

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    Email:                   Tel: +31642378162

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